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Australia Melbourne Sovereigns Guide

The Royal Mint at William Street in Melbourne was a lovely Victorian Complex around a verandahed courtyard.
This was in fact a branch of the Royal Mint in London and not originally an Australian company.

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It was built in 1871-1872 and the central administrative wing is based on the Palazzon Cafferelli-Vidoni by Raphael in Rome.
The Melbourne Mint  began production of sovereigns in 1872. These had the mint mark m .
All equipment and dies were sent from London and sample coins had to be sent back to London for approval.
It was possible for miners and gold owners to take their gold directly to the mint and have it made into coins.
There was a charge made for this service.
The last issues were made in 1931 from Melbourne and Perth (The Sydney Mint had closed in 1926).
In addition to bullion and general circulation sovereigns,the Melbourne mint made rare presentation coins for the Queen Victoria Jubilee in 188
(A two pound piece) and another two pound piece for the Coronation of King Edward VII.
The Royal Mint closed in 1970 in Melbourne.